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How to Create a Successful Tech Startup in 6 Weeks for Less than $50K

The 30 Day Startup is a new approach being adopted across the tech startup world, where you take a few weeks instead of months and years to build an MVP of your startup. The 30 Day Startup breaks down how successful startups, such as Airbnb® and Dropbox®, started with MVPs built and shipped in a just a few days.

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How do you build a startup and go live in under 30 days instead of taking months or years? The first part of The 30 Day Startup covers both practical tactics and inspiring stories on how billion-dollar companies like Airbnb or Dropbox (as well as smaller not-so-famous but still successful and profitable startups) got off the ground by starting small, testing, and iterating.

The second part of the book covers growth strategies, practical tips as well as case studies of startups that figured out ways to grow fast and profitably.